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Our History.


In 2009, our Artistic Director, Morag Parker went into partnership to form In The Wings Theatre Company, dedicated to bringing together both experienced and inexperienced performers of all ages to produce high quailty theatre. The Company developed several productions in the years following and  recruited its own writer, Eames Barry. 

In 2012 Morag took sole directorship of the Company and sought to expand its work, including seeking a possible permanent performance space. Parallel to these events, in Plymouth the Athanaeum Theatre, long a base for amateur and emerging professional groups, closed its doors to future productions stimulating demand for a new theatre space, and although it has recently re-opened in partnership with the Barbican Theatre as a mid-sized venue wiht exciting new plans, there is a continued need for a dedicated, adaptable smaller performance space for emerging professionals and amateurs as well as musicians, dancers and other performers as other smaller venues have continued to close.

In  2012, In The Wings Theatre Company gathered a small group to explore the potential for  a new small performance space in Plymouth, and The Underground Theatre (TUT) was formed, later to become a Community Interest Company. In 2014 the opportunity to purchase the Old Chapel at Emma Place arose. With the help of a major sponsor in purchasing the freehold, TUT were able to arrange to lease the building, preserve it for community use and begin seeking permissions to convert this beautiful building into a new theatre.

Alongside these developments, the fringe theatre scene in Plymouh has developed rapidly  and   Plymouth's Fringe Festival, Outpost and BETA series have shown a demand for alternative theatrical veniues as well as events more affordable to the general community. Several small emerging theatre companies have already asked to partner with TUT promising exciting collaboration. Additionally,Plymouth continues to lack facilities for smaller musical performances, from rock to classical and jazz performances, as well as dance and  comedy. Alongside this the community of Stonehouse has been developing many new ventures and the need for a space gor community gatherings and events  the area has become apparent, there being no local community hall. Thus the stage is set for TUT to open the new building as an exciting new CommunityTheatre for Plymouth.


Our Aims and Ethos

Our vision is for a space where all people can tell their stories, where people of all backgrounds can journey in their imagination, create, wonder, be inspired, learn, grow, share and enjoy being entertained. But it's more than that. We also want to build a new space for the local community to use, to help draw them together, to provide the opportunity to grow and express themselves through art and music, through sharing together and through using our space for community events.

The Underground Theatre (TUT) has a passion to encourage both emerging professional, and  amateur actors, dancers, musicians, writers, composers, producers, directors and technicians. It will supply an affordable venue with professional facilities for small performance in all genres almost every day of the week. This will include theatre, music theatre, dance, classical, jazz, rock  and folk music as well as comedy. We'll be a producing theatre and we'll be a host for other artists and companies, but we'll also provide support and expertise to  enable those who are just starting out. We intend to keep our ticket prices and venue costs down to encourage  the widest possible community use of the theatre, for both performers and audience, recognising that the theatre is situated in one of the most deprived wards in the country, and yet one with beautiful new waterfront developments. We seek to provide a new venue for live music follwing the closure of many such venues in Plymouth, to help to encourage and re-invigorate the local music scene through provision of a new small scale venue.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to performance arts and music, no matter what their status, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, age, education or wealth. Theatre, dance and music can be transformational and are an essential part of a persons wellbeing. That's what we're about and we want to encourage others to share our vision.

Formed in 2014 as a Community Interest Company, TUT will re-invest any profit back into the company and into the performing arts and local community, helping to fund and enable a new level of  emerging performance art in the Southwest as well as provide a new exhibition space for the visual arts and for community exhibitions and use. 

Based in Stonehouse, Plymouth, we  seek to work alngside and enhance the existing excellent Theatres and reamining music venues in Britain's Ocean City, offering new cultural opportunities for the community, whilst encouraging direct involvement of local residents with this new community theatre as well as encouraging use of the building by and for the local community.

Our  planned opening has been delayed  whilst we await the outcome of several grant applications and further develoipment work on the building.We have been grsteful fro support from Plymouth City Council Social Enterprise Scheme and The Architectural Heritage Fund for their grant assistance and help in the development phase of this project. We are currently in the process of fundraising, whilst working with architects and other professionals to design the best use of the space in our exciting new venue. If you, or your company are interested in sponsoring us or helping in any way, please contact us  by email admin@theundergroundtheatre.co.uk or phone 07900 791988


Meet the Team.


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Morag Parker

Artistic Director

Morag is a Musical Theatre graduate, dancer, singer, theatre practioner at The Theatre Royal, Plymouth, and a ballet and dance teacher with SJS Dance. Morag oversees artistic content, performance and training as well as maintaining links with other artists and theatrical groups in Pymouth. Morag is also the sole Director of In The Wings Theatre Company, our resident theatre company and is a member of the Management Team.

Anastasios Chalas


Tassos joined our Board of Directors in 2018 and hails from the local artistic community as well as living in Stonehouse. He is the Director of Thespis Project productions and Thespis Theatre company and an established local writer and performer. Thespis Project Productions is also currenly working on several film projects. Tassos has been a strong supporter of TUT from its outset and is delighted to join the Board.

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David Stolton

Business Director

David is an experienced and successful Plymouth businessman, with his main business at Stoltons Pharmacy at West Hoe, close to the theatre and he is very involved with the local community. He is also an ordained Methodist minister. A keen promoter of the arts he is a Director of the charity ArtServe and The Freeman Trust, as well as an amateur artist, musician and writer. David is a member of the Management Team.

Alison Stolton

Human Resources Director

Alison is a graduate of Plymouth University and is a Research Nurse Specialist with significant management experience. She is a long time supporter of the arts and avid theatre-goer as well as having experience supporting In The Wings Theatre Company.. As HR Director she is responsible for personnel and for maintaining good customer relations throughout our company as well as being a member of the Management Team.


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Helen Williams

Project Development Coordinator

Helen has worked in ballet, contemporary, jazz and musical theatre as both performer and choreographer with English National Ballet, Youth Music Theatre UK, Jazz XChange Music and Dance, and Fertile Ground. She graduated from Northern Ballet School with a National Diploma in Dance Teaching, followed by a LAMDA degree in Stage Management and Technical Theatre. Helen has worked in a range of arts management and technical theatre positions, most recently as Stage Manager with Devon-based Creative Cow’s adaptation of Graham Greene’s Travels with my Aunt. Helen is also very involved in other social and community projects in Stonehouse.

The other members of our team are  Director John Stolton, and Non-Executive Directors Rosie Holman and David Spreadbury who act in support and governance roles. Eames Barry is our resident writer and our technical consultant is David Good; their details can be found on our Support and Network page.

We will be recruiting a manager, technical staff front of house staff  and volunteer staff when renovations are completed.

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